ERC Tech Staff Reach out to Migrant Students Through Summer Space Camp

ERC technology staff put on their instructional hats and took a brief break from research and evaluation each day for two weeks in June to share their expertise with migrant students. Working with the NASA Aerospace Academy at Fresno State, the staff engaged students in grades 4-8 in a unique, hands-on, STEM experience, designed to pique their interest in STEM career fields. The program was sponsored by the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools’ Migrant Education Program.

Students participated in a simulated NASA space lab environment along with skill development in coding, flight, and video production.

Curriculum Developer Robert Cook (aka Science Rob) led the space camp, where youth donned spacesuits to collect rock samples on foreign planets while others rotated through physiology, engineering, research labs. Each student took their turn in communications at mission control.

ERC’s Senior Software Engineer, John Escalera, taught Coding, where students were introduced to the basic principles of computer programming.

Data Analyst Jet Vong taught Introduction to Flight, where students learned about the physics of aviation and practiced basic flight maneuvers using computer simulation and drones. He taught a second class in Video Production, where students learned to create and edit original videos to document their experience.

Paul Seow, Technology Specialist, provided behind the scenes support for the use of virtual reality.